Kijing Beach a Beautiful Panoramic Seashore with Entertainment Facilities
A Group of Idyllic Islands Basking in The Warm, Tropical Sun


  Just a 1.5 hour drive north from Pontianak is the regency of Mempawah, West Kalimantan’s oldest kingdoms, most of the locals visit to pay homage.

Those who love sub-marine scenery will be astounded by the beauty to be found under the water’s surface off the island of Temajoh.
Restaurants, cottages and entertainment facilities are found on the island, which can be reached in approximately 25 minutes by speed-boat from Kijing Beach. Rental services including guided tours can be easily arranged.

Locale for the town Kuale Mempawah renowned for its yearly "Robo-Robo" ceremony One of the most traditional forms of communal ceremonies. In addition, the family of one of West Kalimantan’s oldest kingdoms is paid homage to by devoted locals.

Amantubillah Palace

Built in 1800 by Gusti Jati or Muhammad Abidin, the seat of the former Mempawah kingdom is home to such historical objects. Nearby, the royal tombs of Mempawah, fashioned of carved and painted ironwood, are excellent examples of Islamic art.
As one of West Kalimantan’s oldest kingdoms, most of the locals visit to pay homage at Kampung Sebukit, the royal cemetary. Special welcome ceremonies are performed for special guests to the graves.

The Most Sought After Pet-Fishes in The World Beauty
and Ability to Bring Good Luck

  Known by such names as Ikan Silok, Ikan Khayangan, Ikan Naga, Red Arwana (Seleropages formosus) or Asian Bonitongue, these beautiful golden-reddish fish are among the most sought after pet-fishes in the world. Long prized by Chinese and Indonesian people for its beauty and ability to bring good luck, the Red Arwana is now poised to become a new economic resource for West Kalimantan.
An endangered species, the Red Arwana is now bred for commercial sales by PD. Bintang Kalbar of Pontianak.

Ideal place for tasting local seafood and beautiful view of the sea estuary.

Sungai Kakap Fishing Village has a beautiful view of the sea estuary and many seafood restaurants nearby. It is the perfect spot for many recreational activities.
Situated 25 minutes north of Pontianak, the village is an ideall place for tasting local seafood at the Teratai Indah, Pantai Indah Kakap Beach, Kakap Garden or Flamboyan restaurants.