As a holiday destination, the city of Pontianak offers visitors multi-dimensional experiences. A range of important historical and cultural tourist destinations, special interest sites, and sight seeing tours will give a memorable experience to all visitors.

Attracting holiday makers worldwide are hospitable ethnic groups, art and culture, and spectacular phenomena. Twice a year, the spectacular Vernal Equinox (March 21st - 23rd) and the Autumnal Equinox (September 21st - 23rd) make the Equatorial Monument in Pontianak one of the most popular places on earth to witness this wonder of nature.
The city prides itself on its art and cultural life, superbly equipped to take advantage of its surrounding. At night, it lights up with nightclubs, cafes, bars, and seafood restaurants. Its facilities include an international airport and seaport and a stunning line up of malls, supermarkets, luxury and mid-range hotels and restaurants.
Being directly on Borneo’s longest river, Pontianak is a waterfront city on the confluence of the Kapuas and Landak rivers. City ferries and bridges link the city centre with the riverside suburbs of Siantan and Kampung Beting, where charming interlinked wooden walkways provide a unique way of getting round and seeing the oldest part of the city.

Be a part of it!

S o l a r   E c l i p s e
During the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox
(21st - 23rd March and September)

The path of the sun over the monument
is such that exactly at noon no shadow is cast
by the monument’s spire.

Five kilometres north of the centre of Pontianak, one can find the precise spot at which the Equator bisects the earth. In an instant, visitors can travel between the Northern and Southern hemispheres without moving a muscle.
Marking this spot is a monument erected in 1928 by a Dutch astronomical expedition. Ten years later, "Monument Khatulistiwa" was further developed by an Indonesian architect by the name of Sylaban. A unique natural phenomenom can be observed twice a year at the side of the monument.
This phenomena is visible for a period of only 5 - 10 minutes. In anticipation of this special time, the Dayak and Malay ethnic groups, among others, exhibit their rich cultural heritage through traditional dance, music and handicraft displays. These twice-yearly festivals should not be missed; once witnessed, they will not soon be forgotten.

Cannon Barrage Contest
Meriam Karbit by Lebaran Day


By Lebaran Day or the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadhan, the powerful explosions "traditional cannon barrage contest", express the joy of the end of this period This spectacular event can be witnessed along the Kapuas river banks and bridge.


Qadariyah Palace

A visitor’s delight with its ironwood construction architecture, many royal artifacts and regalia from the royal family.
The great Royal Palace of Pontianak was established by the Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Alqadrie in 1771.

Interlinked wooden walkways (Beting Permai)
at Kampung Dalam Bugis

Situated over the water at the confluence of the Kapuas and Landak rivers, this village with its inter linked wooden walkways and quaint homes is a must-see. From this village one has an excellent view of the Kapuas and Landak bridges.
Every Friday afternoon, the ironwood mosque fills with the sound of the faithful at prayer, and during Moslem holidays, the mosque becomes the focus of many community events.

  Jami’ Mosque

One of the great mosques left from the time of the Pontianak Sultanate is the Jami’ Mosque. The beautiful square-tiered roof rises majestically along the riverfront, its location for nearly 200 years.

Batu Layang Cemetery

Situated 5 kilometers north of Pontianak is the family cemetery of the Pontianak Sultanate. Here, representatives of the family still act as custodians and are always happy to welcome visitors. The cemetery is continuously visited by local residents who still come to pay homage to the departed royalty.
Along with the Jami’ Mosque , Qadariah Palace, and Kampung Beting this village rounds out the perfect day of sight-seeing.

Bustling Park for family entertainment

All day and night long, ringed by many building constructed in
the distinctive building of their region’s own architecture.


This bustling park (Taman Alun Kapuas) provides family entertainment all day and night along with beautiful Kapuas and Landak river views. Further west, "Dwikora" Seaport can also be seen; the ferry wharf is also visible to the north.

The Kartika Hotel sits magically on and over the water and has some of the city’s most fascinating river views. The restaurant "Lancang Kuning" offers many traditional Malay foods. Further along is the Army House with its beautiful yard and two modern automatic cannons. Nearby are the Mayor’s Office, The Bank of Indonesia and other government buildings. Only a short distance away, the Matahari Mall is the newest addition to the city’s diverse and exciting shopping scene.

Nearby is also a duty-free shop along with open air stalls, providing something for young and old in a variety of price ranges. The handicraft centre of West Kalimantan or Griya Kerajinan "Dekranasda Kalbar" is located at Jalan Zainuddin 5 in central Pontianak. This centre is well known for the quality of its beautiful local handicrafts, batiks, wood carvings, bamboo paintings, rattan furniture, leather goods, pottery and much more. More than a store, the centre is a great place for tourists to view all the diverse treasures of Kalimantan in one place.

Housing a Vast Collection of Artifacts and Historical Objects
with Gigantic Relief Sculptures

Art and Culture Centre, a must for any local or overseas traveler


The foremost museum in West Kalimantan, Traditional wood carvings, Dayak and Malay traditional kitchen tools, and splendid Chinese ceramics are just a few of the museum’s highlights.
Surrounded by contrast of modern architecture with the traditional of west Kalimantan buildings and several replicas on the back yard.

Gigantic relief sculptures cover the museum’s front, with one side depicting scenes from traditional Dayak life, and the other side showing that of Malays. Opens 8:30 am – 4 pm daily.

Just 15 minutes from Supadio Airport, in the heart of Pontianak city, is one of the city’s most popular attractions, the Culture and Art Centre. It is now widely recognized as one of the province’s greatest attractions for overseas visitors.
The Training Centre is where visitors young and old learn about and explore their experiences with each other. Collections of aboriginal arts and local paintings, sculptures, crafts, decorative arts, prints, and drawings are there to be enjoyed as well as various kinds of music and traditional dances.
This complex provides an opportunity to explore Pontianak’s film, TV, radio and sound recordings from the past to the present day in the sound and moving image exhibition of Dayak, Malay, and other ethnic groups.

  Nearby, a replica of a West Kalimantan long house or Rumah Panjang/Rumah Betang.

Tourists are welcome to visit and see an example of the unique environment in which the Dayak people of Kalimantan used to live. On March 21st - 23rd and September 21st - 23rd, the Rumah Panjang is host to ceremonies of the "Bumi Khatulistiwa" Cultural Festival.