SAMBAS, northern country a cluster of fascinating towns with weaving cloth abundant in cultural heritage and friendly people

The city offers a wide range of accommodation options from basic hotels to budget accommodation, cottages, restaurants and traditional markets.

The traditional woven cloth by the Sambas people of "KAIN SAMBAS" is the most welknown in the region of West Kalimantan with its various kinds of motifs in vibrant colors.



An historic inheritance of the Sambas is the magnificent ALWATZHIQOEBILLAH palace and Masjid Jami, set on the bank of Sambas river.

The Royal Palace ceremony for the "Pangeran Ratu" (to honor the prince) is annually presented on July 15th.


Hustle and bustle of Pemangkat markets as they light up with karaokes, discoutheques, cafés, bars and seafood restaurants at Sinam Beach

Within a 45-minute drive southbound from Sambas town, for nature lovers and those in search of tranquillity, the magnificent views of Tanjung Batu Beach, Pemangkat.
With spectacular rock formations and numerous and beautiful varieties of flora, the cottages and restaurants provide visitors a touch of nature unmatched.


The spectacular 53 Km golden sandy beaches that strech
as far as the eye can see.

One of the world’s best-kept secrets is the spectacular 53 Km golden sandy beaches that strech as far as the eye can see, "Cape Dato" A stretch of rocky mountains jutting southward into the sea and spanning a chain of pristine beaches, sheltered bays and caves, quaint fishing harbours and a rich array of indigenous flora, the cape offers a wide range of palm and casuarine trees.
The cape has many quaint places where rock lobster enthusiasts flock every season; seabirds and turtles can also be seen.