Chinese Dancing Dragon

Around the market area and old Chinese quarter there are several Pekong or Taoist temples which carry Buddhist inscriptions. The great Chinese dragon shows combine the oldest to the newest fashions, making it a magnet for many tourists from Asian countries.

Rich in cultural heritage, home of friendly people, and offering gorgeous resort facilities, Singkawang is a perfect holiday destination. The city offers a wide range of accommodation options from standard hotels to budget accommodation and cottages, restaurants, shopping centres, and discotheques.


Seven kilometers from Singkawang is the village of Sakok, where one can find beautiful pottery made by locals of Chinese descent.
Here, a huge kiln, some 30 meters (100 ft.) long, provides the high temperatures needed to fire the fine ceramics. Craftsmen here make both utilitarian objects and fines copies of Chinese export ware from dynasties past.

Gorgeous white sandy beaches with one of the most beautiful sunsets and bursting with unique attractions.

A small group of beautiful tropical islands lying off the coast of a gorgeous, white sandy beach with beautiful sun set, Pasir Panjang is the ideal locale for a tropical vacation.


Randayan Island, Lemukutan Island, and Kabung Island are well-known for their beautiful coral and marine life and are naturally suitable for diving, swimming, fishing or water skiing. Speedboat transport to the islands can easily be sought locally. Accommodation is not currently available on the islands, but Pasir Panjang has both budget and moderate accommodation as well as cottages, shopping, fine restaurants and discotheques.
Pasir Panjang is located approximately 17 Km from the town of Singkawang and can be reached by private car or hired transport.