This huge stone outcrop forms a spectacular natural backdrop for the town of Sintang, covering an area of 520 square kilometres and rising some 900 m (3,000 ft) from the plain below. Kelam (which means "dark" in Indonesian) begins to wear its characteristic shroud of clouds by mid afternoon becoming a brooding, spellbinding image.
Held sacred by the local Dayaks that inhabit the mountain’s flank in traditional long houses, Kelam offers a stunning view from its summit.

This area is a natural destination for the tourist interested in climbing, camping or hiking around the mountain’s base. Steel stairs ascend the mountain’s side offering an exciting way for adventurous visitors to conquer the summit. The pristine area surrounding is also well known for its beautiful flower, Kantong Semar Merah ( Nephentes sp).
Kelam teems with wildlife and beautiful flora, and is only 15 km from Singtang by public transportation. Rest pavilions and coffee shops are located nearby for the weary traveler.

and reserve

Bordering Sarawak, Malaysia, and Central Kalimantan and covering an area of 181,090 square kilometres, this national park is home to the largest flower in the world, RAFFLESIA sp. (named after Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore).
The entire park is richly endowed by nature with rainforest, rugged landscapes, mountains and meandering rivers.


An abundance of inland waterways offer endless opportunities for bathing, boating, water skiing, bird watching and fishing.

The combination of delightful climate with fascinating flora and fauna contribute greatly to the park’s charm. The park is easily accessible from Nanga Pinoh by 4 WD or from Nanga Popai by longboat.

Nature reserve

Right in the heart of Sintang city, Baning National Park is easily accessible for visitors and residents alike. With its unique ecosystem, virgin tropical rainforest and breathtaking panoramic view of Bukit Kelam, this park offers the visitor a quiet oasis.
Many varieties of ochids and Kantong Semar flowers create the setting for a beautiful nature walk.